Workshop Format

This year’s edition of the workshop will consist of two days with sessions of different formats. The theme for the first type of sessions is to address the need of researchers in the field to be able to evaluate approaches in “real life” against the “correct” architecture of systems. To that end, two software architects of open source systems will be invited to independently identify the logical macro-components of the systems and map them to their representation in code, to recover the software architecture of their systems with researchers and their tools, and to identify further architectural constraints followed by the code.

The second type of session will mainly consist of regular presentations. To foster interaction and discussion, the workshop does not consist of author-based presentation; authors of accepted papers will be asked to sum up the paper of another participant (pre-prints of the papers will be available). The original author will then correct misunderstandings and emphasize issues that he feels need elaboration after the summary. This approach means that participants will be familiar with other participants work before the workshop, providing a strong foundation for collaboration in the workshop itself and beyond.